Join the Coalition to #NullifyNSA Spying!

Join the Coalition to #NullifyNSAEdward Snowden’s explosive revelations made national news, but what has been done about it? The NSA was shown to be illegally spying on all Americans. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s testimony under oath to Congress was revealed to be a bold-faced lie.

And what has happened as a result? Absolutely nothing. The status quo just keeps on chugging along, violating our rights in what seems to be an endless cycle.

That isn’t acceptable.

Which is why we are working on building a coalition to hit the NSA where it hurts – by cutting them off.

But, how can this be done?

The NSA uses gargantuan amounts of OUR natural resources. They rely on sweet deals with state and local governments to fund their colossal surveillance grid. In Utah, for instance, they need 1.7 million gallons of water PER DAY to keep their computers from over-heating. They rely on the state of Utah to provide them with these resources.

This means they can be cut off. States are not obligated to help the federal government. This has been consistently affirmed by the Supreme Court. We have devised legislation at the local and state levels and have put together a comprehensive strategy to help stop the NSA’s illegal spying once and for all.

We just need YOUR help to make it happen.

We are obviously not going to receive support from government or corporate backers to take on the NSA. But what we can receive is support from organizations across the political spectrum and from all parts of the country to join our coalition.

Together we’ll make some serious noise and work to cut them off.

Here is what the coalition entails:

US: Place your website, FB, twitter, logo and/or other information on this website. Invite you to participate in regular conference calls and strategy meetings. Encourage you to take a leadership role in building this movement and website.

YOU: Being a part of this coalition can take on many forms, including leadership roles, sending emails to your supporters, sharing regularly on social media, sending out press releases, and the like.

Bringing an end to illegal spying begins with support from the grassroots. Please join us in our effort to restore privacy rights to all of us.


Take these steps today to help stop NSA spying in your state

1. Get the model 4th Amendment Protection Act for your state (pdf):

2. Contact your STATE representative/assemblyperson AND State Senator. Strongly, but respectfully, encourage them to introduce the act for your state. A phone call is much more powerful than an email. Or do both. Contact info HERE.

3. Join the coalition. Are you part of a grassroots group? Encourage your group's leadership to sign on in support of the coalition here:

4. Get Flyers to help spread the word!

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