Arizona Action Steps

On January 22, the 4th Amendment Protection Act was introduced, SB1156. It bans state material support to federal warrantless surveillance – including resources, research and use of data in state courts. (learn about it here)

02-27-14:  Due for a final state senate vote at any time.  The legislation has drawn aggressive attacks from some corporate interest groups, and specifically Cox Communications – who is lobbying state senators to kill the bill.  It’s going to be a VERY CLOSE VOTE – and your phone call to state senators today can make a difference!

1.  Call YOUR state senator.  Strongly, but respectfully, express your support for the bill and let them know you want to see them vote YES on SB1156. If you get your state senator’s voice mail, leave a courteous message and ask for them to call you back to talk about it. If you don’t hear from them in 1 day, call them again and repeat the process.

A phone call has 10x the impact of an email, so with just days till a vote, please make sure to give them a call.

Find your state senator here:

2.  Share this information widely.  Pass this along to friends and family in Arizona by email, social media and more.

3.  Call Back – in 1 day.  If you are unable to get a confirmed YES vote from your state senator, call back in 1 day, urging a yes vote again.

4.  on Twitter?  Retweet


02-03-13: Passed committee, 4-2 (report here)
02-24:  Passed rules committee, 4-2-1.
FULL SENATE VOTE within days.

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  1. Called everyone on the list. However, John McComish’s office doesn’t answer their phone. You can leave a voice mail. This legislation is vitally important for all Arizonans. Nuff said.


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