Oklahoma Action Steps

Oklahoma State Rep Lewis Moore introduced the Privacy Protection Act, HB2808, to help protect Oklahoma residents from unwarranted surveillance (learn about it here).

STATUS – Passed states rights committee 9-3 on 02-18-14
02-25: Passed calendar committee
HOUSE VOTE SOON – on the floor calendar for consideration

YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED NOW.  It doesn’t matter where in Oklahoma you live, take these actions today.

1. Contact the House leadership. Politely let them know that you support HB2808 and would like to see them quickly move the bill forward to consideration on the floor of the full house.

Speaker Jeffrey Hickman – (405) 557-7339
Majority Floor Leader, Rep. Pam Peterson – (405) 557-7341

2. CALL your state rep.  Call in the evening, leave a message. Call in the AM. Call anytime. Just make sure to call NOW as a vote could happen at any time. Be Be strong but respectful when you urge them to vote YES on HB2808.

Find your state rep here: http://www.oklegislature.gov/FindMyLegislature.aspx

3. Share this information widely. Get this action alert out to all your friends and contacts – by email, social media and more.

4. on Twitter?  Retweet


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