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Achilles Heel: NSA Water Use Hints at Large Problems in Utah

Not only is the new NSA Spy Center (Data center is what they call it) having troubles with electricity and some “meltdowns” as the Wall Street Journal reported, they also seem to be having some water issues.

According to a report from the Salt Lake Tribune that was shared with us by our lead Utah coalition partner, Libertas Institute, “Water use hints at problems at Utah Data Center.”

If you want a clue as to whether there are problems at the Utah Data Center, talk to the man selling the massive spy building its water.

When operational, the Utah Data Center is expected to consume 1.7 million gallons a day in order to cool the people and technology inside. But so far, says Bluffdale City Manager Mark Reid, water consumption has been wildly inconsistent.

They’ve gone from no usage to over their amounts that they planned to use,” Reid said on Tuesday.

“I don’t know what they’re doing there,” Reid said, “but they’re usage has been all over the board. ”

The sporadic water use could point to the kinds of equipment failures reported this week in the Wall Street Journal. The newspaper said the Utah Data Center has been plagued by power surges that have ruined “hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of machinery” and “delayed the center’s opening for a year.”

Much more important than figuring out what “they’re doing there” is this question:

Why the hell is a political subdivision of the State of Utah selling water to the agency committing BILLIONS of 4th Amendment violations every day?

In effect, the Bluffdale city manager, and the Jordan Valley Conservancy District (which supplies the water) are both helping the NSA violate your rights.

Guess what?

utah-data-center-entranceThere’s nothing in the constitution which requires any state to help the feds carry out their programs. So this partnership is 100% voluntary.

The state of Utah could simply turn the water off.

The 4th Amendment Protection Act would require the state to do that if it were passed into law in Utah.

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