Get Active in Your Local Community!

Take these steps to support the 4th Amendment in your local community and push back against NSA Spying.

1. Download the Model Legislation: The 4th Amendment Protection Resolution, get it here (pdf)

2. Contact your local legislators – county, plus city/town: Strongly, but respectfully urge them to introduce the 4th Amendment Protection Resolution in your area. Let them know you want a) your local government’s position on this in a formal document passed by the governing body, and b) your local government on record calling for the state to take action in support of the 4th Amendment.

The 4th Amendment Protection Resolution does both.

To find contact information for your local elected officials do a web search or start with this directory.

3. Become a Leader: Get involved and help lead a campaign against the NSA in your area today. Contact us and let us know you’d like to get involved.

4. Join Us: Encourage your organization to join our coalition.

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