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Bulk Surveillance a Threat to National Security

Supporters of the NSA often justify the agencies actions based on the national security argument. But in truth, bulk, warrantless surveillance represents a threat to national security.

During a Senate committee hearing on an Alaska bill that would end state material support and resources to the NSA, Bill of Rights Defense Committee director Shahid Buttar made a profound statement.

“Piling more hay on the pile does not help us find the needle.”

Mass, bulk surveillance does exactly that. It piles data on top of information on top of meta data.

Instead of developing actionable intelligence and focusing on specific targets, it appears the NSA relies on scooping up as much information as possible, on as many people as possible, and then hoping its agents stumbles on the proverbial needle.

Edward Snowden made essentially the same argument as Buttar in an interview with a Dutch news agency.

“The problem with mass surveillance is that you’re burying people under too much data,” he said.

In fact, Snowden said the government had information on the Boston Marathon bombers, but failed to utilize it. It was lost in the pile.

If we want to find the needle, we need to shrink the size of the haystack, not keep piling on.

NSA bulk, warrantless spying not only threatens your privacy, it threatens national security.

It needs to stop.

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