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Colleges Collude With NSA to Train Next Generation of Agents

At The New American, Joe Wolverton has written an in-indepth look at how the NSA has its tentacles into the youth of this country through partnerships with universities in most states (166 locations in total – so far):

For years, the National Security Agency (NSA), the major league of electronic monitoring and surveillance, has sponsored programs that try to turn high schools and colleges into their private farm system.

As the snoops explain on their website under a tab called“Opportunities for You”:

Today’s job marketplace is competitive. To get a step ahead you need to gain practical experience before you graduate. Come work with the top professionals in your field at NSA. Our internships, co-op program, scholarships, and work study programs will help you to develop and shape your career well before your studies are through.

Come on, kids. Learn how cool it is to violate the Fourth Amendment. Not only will you not be prosecuted, but you’ll be paid and get killer federal government health insurance benefits!

The NSA isn’t looking for dummies, though. They want public schools to funnel the best and brightest into the agency’s ranks.

Wolverton notes some specific cases, like Utah, where university programs were a specific part of their decision-making process:

One state touts its cozy relationship with the NSA and how they are proud to let the government take advantage of its citizens’ unique multilingual character.

The Economic Development Corporation of Utah bragged in a recently published report, “The National Security Agency (NSA) selected Utah for its language analyst offices. The NSA commented that Utah’s famous facility with languages was a big factor in its site selection process.”

Just how impressive is that “famous facility with languages?” The group explains in the same report:

Seventy-seven percent of Brigham Young University’s (BYU) 30,000 students speak a second language and 47% have lived outside the U.S. for at least one year.

BYU offers studies in 80+ world language courses and there are over 170 languages spoken by BYU students, according to a 2004 campus survey.

Many students at BYU serve overseas on foreign-speaking missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the school’s owner.

The NSA must really like Utah, as they chose the state to be the home of its massive data center, as well.

Read the rest here, including #NullifyNSA action steps on campus:

Colleges Collude With NSA to Train Next Generation of Agents

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