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“That’s Awesome!” OffNow Campaign on RT America

“Sounds amazing, that’s awesome!” That’s D.C. comedian Lee Camp on his RT America show, Redacted Tonight, talking about the OffNow plan to stop the NSA.

Camp and correspondent John F. O’Donnell ridicule NSA surveillance while accurately describing the OffNow campaign to thwart unwarranted surveillance through state action.

In response to learning about the anti-commandeering doctrine, Camp said, “So there’s a legal framework behind this. That’s incredible, that’s great!”

Also on the show, John F. O’Donnell closed out with this: “The 4th Amendment Protection Act can disrupt the NSA. If we reach out to our state legislatures about it, this actually will make a difference.”

Behind the humor, a strong message – the OffNow strategy can work!



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