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“This is an incredible story.” CBS News reports on #NullifyNSA campaign

That’s how Nora O’Donnell started the CBS News segment about our #NullifyNSA campaign this morning. And, while short, the entire segment was quite positive. Not one single negative word in the piece.

We are reaching people everywhere with a message of hope and resistance. Please share this and help spread the word!

4 thoughts on ““This is an incredible story.” CBS News reports on #NullifyNSA campaign

  1. Everyone from Klapper to Alexander, to the president have lied to the American Public and the world at large. It is past time to close down this illegitimate practice borne of presidential edicts never having passed congressional approval, and 50% of the ” Judges who have passed muster on these acts should be disbarred ( at a minimum)

  2. Mass surveillance is the hallmark of a totalitarian government. A short list includes Nazi Germany, East Germany, the Soviet Union, and now the United States of America. Americans talk a lot about freedom. Now is the time to actually do something about it. Here is a chance, join the Nullify NSA movement. We don’t want reform, we want it shut the F*%@ down.

  3. […] This is an incredible story: CBS News reports on #NullifyNSA campaignNullify NSA!. […]

  4. Could you fix your cart application so I can enter a country other than the US?

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