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Indiana Sheriff Endorses Indiana 4th Amendment Protection Act, SB231

brad rogersToday, Sheriff Brad Rogers of Elkhart County published a statement in support of the Indiana 4th Amendment Protection Act, SB231. (bill details here)


The NSA’s broad surveillance of American citizens has gotten out of hand. Mass-data collection without a specific warrant flies in the face of the principles outlined in our bill of rights. That is why I am pleased to voice my support for Indiana State Sen. Mike Delph’s Fourth Amendment Protection Act, SB 231.

This legislation would prohibit state support of the NSA and makes assisting a federal agency in warrantless data collection a level 5 felony.

For too long we have allowed the federal government to do as it pleases, and this is a great step toward re-securing our liberties.

I urge other state legislators to join in support of this bill.

Elected in 2010, Sheriff Brad Rogers is a 27 year veteran of the Elkhart County Sheriff’s department. Starting as a patrol officer he worked his way up the ranks and was eventually promoted to Corrections Captain. In 2010 he ran for Sheriff, winning a competitive Republican primary, and went on to win the general election by a vast margin.

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2 thoughts on “Indiana Sheriff Endorses Indiana 4th Amendment Protection Act, SB231

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  2. Thank you so sheriff Brad Rogers for your strong convictions on your stance for the 4Th Amendment Protection Act SB231
    Please Keep up the good work , Many Respects , Hoosier Resident and Tax payer.. N.Tacy

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