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Interview: The strategy to stop NSA spying through the states

Tenth Amendment Center national communications director Mike Maharrey appeared on the Wilkow Show this week.

The show runs on the Blaze Network, and the Dec. 6 episode featured Maharrey discussing the OffNow coalition campaign to stop unconstitutional NSA spying at the state and local level. In the clip, Maharrey explains the four parts of the Second Amendment Protection Act and the anti-commandeering doctrine legal principle it rests on. During the interview, Maharrey also explained just how much the federal government depends on state cooperation, highlighting the “major” Denver medical marijuana crackdown that impacted less than 3 percent of the dispensaries in that city. Finally, Maharrey emphasized that the success of the OffNow campaign will ultimately hinge on the American people.

“Do they want to live under a federal government that just does what every they want, or are they going to take action to stop it.”

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