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Interview: Working locally to win nationally

1170 KFAQ Liberty Talk Radio’s Joe Cristiano interviews Matthew Kellegrew with the Bill of Rights Defense Committee on government spying covering the use of drones and NSA and the Patriot Act.

Matthew stated that it isn’t just the NSA violating our rights it’s the NDAA’s indefinite detention, its police departments across the country obtaining drones, government sanctioned torture.

On our Rights:

“The Bill of Rights don’t necessarily work on their own, they are in partnership with one another. A threat to civil liberties in the Fourth Amendment right to be free from unwarranted search and seizure is going to implicate the right to freely associate, implicate the right to freely speak. The Bill of Rights works in harmony with itself, a threat to one is a threat to them all.”

On Drones:

“The evolution and technology, which is really outpacing our current, our historical checks and balances system in Fourth Amendment protections. The real danger the drone is not the machine itself but the capacity to surveillance without any legal precedent at all.”

On the NSA:

“We are working with our coalition partners the 10th amendment center on the off now coalition it is really geared towards the NSA spying this is an example of really good state-level regulation that can have a major impact on knowledge national policy.”

“The model legislation which we have developed along with our coalition partners the Tenth Amendment Center effectively what the fourth amendment protection act does… it restricts the NSA’s access to municipal resources.”

No water, no power, no spying.


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