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Is the NSA Making US Infrastructure Vulnerable to Attack?

At the 4th Amendment Protection Act hearing on Wednesday, Susan Barretta of Restore the Fourth Utah raised the idea that NSA actions to weaken encryption pose another threat beyond damaging our personal privacy.

That is, it could theoretically be making utility infrastructure weak and open to attack.  The following is the statement she gave in support of the Utah legislation to withdraw support from the NSA data center in Bluffdale.

The NSA has agreements with high-tech companies to weaken encryption on the technology in our computer and electronic devices for back door entry.

It is not clear from the hearing today what commercial technology is deployed in our utility infrastructure that contains this weakened encryption.

It would be a mistake to assume that the technologically sophisticated enemies of this country cannot also discover these back doors and threaten our critical utility infrastructure, not just here in Utah but in the entire country. In a rather perverse way, enabling NSA to continue to operate as usual could put the nation’s utility infrastructure at risk.

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