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Learning How to Resist From Rosa Parks

On December 1, 1955, one defiant act changed the course of history.

On that date, Rosa Parks refused to move from her seat on a bus to make room for a white patron. Her defiant display of heroism paved the way for the civil rights movement to take hold, and remove some of the most disgraceful government policies ever devised: Jim Crow laws.

Although many government officials deserve credit for taking action to desegregate our society, they wouldn’t have been able to do so if it wasn’t for people like Rosa Parks paving the way and placing pressure on government institutions. It was her bravery that shifted public opinion in the direction of freedom and human dignity. From there, leaders like the great Martin Luther King Jr. were able to mobilize people and force the hands of the politicians to do what was right. That is how change happens, and it can work again in our present day situation with an out-of-control NSA.

Although the circumstances are different, the same principles that Rosa Parks utilized can be applied yet again. During the Jim Crow era, state governments largely doled out oppression. This time around, we find it occurring at the federal level with agencies like the NSA violating your privacy rights. But we can still follow Rosa Parks’ example and defiantly say, “No!” and demand change. And we can use the power of the state legislature to impede, hinder and agitate against the federal surveillance state.

That serves as the foundation of the OffNow strategy. We have developed legislation such as the 4th Amendment Protection Act, the Electronic Data Privacy Act, the C.H.O.I.C.E. Act, the Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act and the Freedom from Location Surveillance Act. We believe this plan will work because the feds need state and local help to enact their agenda far more than they want us to realize.

Destroying the privacy rights and anonymity of every American is no small task. The NSA relies on the states to provide them with material support, to spy on people, send gathered information to the feds, and implement various measures designed to condition the masses to the surveillance state. The states do not have to provide this much-needed assistance. It is illegal for the feds to force the states to comply to their whims, thanks to the anti-commandeering doctrine.

Armed with this knowledge, we can fight the federal government’s influence on our lives away from Washington DC. Most of the legislation coming from Congress is mere lip service designed to dupe the American public into thinking the system is fixed so the surveillance state can go on with business as usual. Half-measure reforms such as the USA Freedom Act and FISA Transparency and Modernization Act must always be resisted.

The OffNow plan, when pressed in all 50 states, could conceivable cripple the operation of the NSA in its present form and force D.C. to make necessary changes. Without state support, the agency is kept in check. Simply by saying, “NO!”‘ we can change the world for the better like Rosa Parks did nearly 60 years ago. All we need is the courage and willingness to stand up against state power.

It won’t be easy. Technology expert and prominent hacktivist Jacob Appelbaum said that we are looking at a 100 year war against the NSA. That may be the case, unless we act right now at this moment to stop them. We have a window of opportunity to have an impact. It just got its massive Utah facility up and running last year, and is having growing pains while doing so. The time is now to become engaged in the fight against unlawful federal spying. Join us, and help us to trip up the NSA before it can get its operation fully functional.

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