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Media Alliance joins the OffNow Coalition

Another organization is joining the team!

Media Alliance, a California based organization working toward a just, accountable and diverse media system, is the newest Coalition partner. They will be working with many other groups to fight back against unlawful NSA spying through local and state civic action.

In a statement conveying why the group decided to join the coalition, Executive Director Tracy Rosenberg said, “Media Alliance believes constitutional protections do not vanish in the digital sphere nor get thrown in the garbage in the name of an ever-expanding war on terrorism. The principle that our persons and papers are ours alone, unless and until an individualized warrant passes muster with an impartial arbiter, is foundational to a fair society.”

The government’s track record on using surveillance tools is flawed as the Church Committee demonstrated in 1975, and a May 2012 NSA audit demonstrated with 2,776 violations of existing laws documented in one 12 month period. Mass bulk surveillance is unconstitutional, indiscriminate, and has a chilling effect on freedom of speech and assembly.”

Media Alliance, like the rest of the OffNow coalition partners, realizes that a society cannot be free and fair under the duress of total surveillance. They are a welcomed addition to the team, and we look forward to working with them to stop the illegal practices of the NSA in the days and months to come.

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