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The Newest Threat to the Surveillance State: Spam

NSA spamThe bureaucrats at the NSA have a new problem to deal with. Aside from their illegal behavior being revealed to the public and never-ending fallout over that as more leaks are uncovered, there is also the matter of spam. Apparently junk mail is up there with transparency and accountability competing to be the bane of the NSA’s existence.

Spam e-mails are giving the NSA a hard time. According to this Slate article, a majority of the data they collect from e-mails are not even from real human beings. This is another indicator that the NSA is not as omnipotent and infallible as they want you to believe they are.

The whole idea of the NSA, aside from their laughably false statements that they want to keep us safe from terrorism, is to intimidate their political opposition into submission. The idea that Big Brother is out there always listening is supposed to make you cower in fear and become silent. They want you to think that if you speak out, you can be identified and potentially disappeared under the NDAA 2012. That way their agenda of accumulating power can continue according to plan without anyone messing it up. But can they really be that powerful if some spam e-mails can give them a lot of trouble?

This another chink in the armor of Big Brother. Their supposedly all-powerful bureaucrats cannot even keep their own secrets from being leaked to the public, they cannot keep their facilities from overheating and being engulfed in flames, and they cannot fight off spam e-mails without an inordinate amount of problems. These instances beg the question: Why should anyone be scared of these incompetent bozos?

The answer to that question is obvious: They shouldn’t. Everyone should see this ever-increasing laundry list of scandals and disgraces related to the so-called ‘intelligence’ industry as a reason to make their voices be heard louder than ever before. After all, they desperately wanted all of the information Snowden released to be kept from the public. But what could they do about it? Not a thing. The truth is that the NSA and other constitution-violating federal bureaucracies only have as much power as we allow them to have.

Unfortunately, they still do have a lot of power at the present moment, but that is only because a campaign has yet to emerge to challenge them. That is not to say that there are no people out there doing what they can to challenge Big Brother. The American Civil Liberties Union and Electronic Frontier Foundation are filing lawsuits against the NSA while Congressmen John Conyers and Justin Amash lead a bi-partisan charge against them in Congress, but there has not been an organized campaign that has spoke truth to power, promoted the right ideas, circumvented the federal snake pit and gotten grassroots activists engaged locally to push back against the NSA – until now!

The coalition we are working on is doing all of that and more. We have our 4th Amendment Protection Act that will cut off the NSA from using our resources entirely. The great parlor trick that the feds are playing on us all is making us think that they control all of the power. They most certainly do not. Their grandiose vision is so vast, so totalitarian, so resource-driven that they need our compliance in order to make it happen. All we need to do is deny them of this compliance and they will either need to go out of business or severely lessen the scope of their operation.

Without our help, the NSA withers off and dies. They want us on the hamster wheel, mindlessly working for them so they can subjugate us to their tyrannical behavior. They want to dumb us down so we think that they are so all-powerful that we could never possibly fight back. In reality, they can barely handle spam. If they are having a hard time dealing with some junk mail, just imagine how much trouble we can give them with our campaign of nation-wide resistance. Help us make successful resistance a reality by joining our coalition to stop NSA spying!

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