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The NSA: Harming Us Abroad As Well As Domestically

The NSA has done it again.

Recentl revelations prove the agency is spying on foreign heads of state. And not just on countries like North Korea or Iran that are supposedly our enemies. The NSA also spies on our allies, including Germany, Brazil. Spain and Mexico.

Cultivating respectful relationships with countries like Germany and Brazil leads to cooperation when we face a genuine threat. Now, with the NSA’s disrespectful behavior, there may come a time when we need our allies and they will tell us, “Sorry, you’re on your own.”

This isn’t an example of good diplomacy, and it isn’t doing us any favors in helping ward off real terror threats. It seems as if the NSA’s desire to deviously hoard information has clearly superseded its mission of protecting America from terrorism.

The good news is that this signals the official end of the world’s love affair with President Obama. Many people across the world bought into the hype. They believed that Obama was going to be the one who would bring hope and change to America, and by proxy, to the rest of the world. He actually delivered on this promise, but not as they expected. He represented a change from Bush’s repressive, despotic policies to far more repressive, despotic policies. Deceit, warmongering, economic degradation and a flagrant disregard of the Constitution were hallmarks of the Bush administration. Obama took the reins and proceeded to sink to new lows.

This latest scandal shows that the NSA, and the president who oversees it, are only expanding their reach. They apparently want to destroy the privacy rights of not just Americans, but every human being on the planet. Their lust for power will not just limit itself to the homeland. They want to put every foreign person, even those living in countries that have been long trusted U.S. allies, under their thumb. The world is opening its eyes to the unfortunate reality. The international community must also push back against the NSA alongside Americans.

We welcome European, South American, Asian, Australian and African folks to join us in our coalition! There is plenty of room for international support. Take a page from our book and start denying compliance to the tyrants’ demands. Break off trade agreements, close off military bases, stop providing material support to the U.S. until the NSA is brought under control. Your freedom may depend on it.

Just imagine if you were with a romantic partner and they were obsessively spying on your phone calls. Would you be able to trust them? Would you want to continue the relationship with them? Of course not. And we shouldn’t blame anyone but our own government when other countries break their relationships with us over our invasive spying. Maybe our government needs some tough love. Too often countries are intimidated into doing the will of America. That might have to change in lieu of the staggering amount of corruption and criminality oozing out of Washington D.C. these days.

Some of the usual cheerleaders for brazenly unconstitutional behavior – like Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) – actually have the nerve to say that the victims of the NSA’s spying should be thankful that we are harassing them! However, he refused to give any proof of his allegations that the NSA is keeping the world safe and that our allies are spying on us too. This is a common occurrence when Mike Rogers runs his mouth. None of his assertions are ever backed up with any evidence.

This incredibly paranoid, fear-mongering, almost schizophrenic view of the world held by Mike Rogers and his ilk is a far cry from the truth. The truth is that no proof has been put forth showing that friendly nations are spying on us. And even if they were, would committing the same foul acts back toward them prove anything? Whatever happened to two wrongs don’t make a right? Whatever happened to turn the other cheek? These would be the moral attributes that Mike Rogers and other charlatans would follow if they were actually the Christians they say they are.

Remember when America was loved abroad as a beacon of freedom? Those days are long gone thanks to the likes of Mike Rogers and Barack Obama. These days, America is hated abroad as the world’s biggest bully. Crooks like Rogers and Obama are personally responsible for besmirching the reputation of America on a grand stage. Will we get a resignation, or at the very least an apology, from these creeps? Of course not. They’ll just continue on with their bellicose, arrogant defiance. They will continue to to destroy liberty and goodwill abroad in their lust for unrestrained power until they are stopped.

NSA nullification can force the American government to stop driving wedges between us and others across the globe. Rogers and Obama refuse to get their act together, so we have to take matters into our own hands. Relying on bureaucrats to clean up their own mess has proven a failure. Through our plan, we make the NSA quit their illegal spying operation by denying them the use of our resources which they need to operate their massive facilities. Without our compliance, they won’t be able to spy on foreign heads of state, destroy the anonymity and privacy rights of all Americans, or any of the countless other evil things the NSA is up to. This is the dirty little secret that Obama and lackeys like Mike Rogers don’t want you to know about.

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