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NSA’s Corporate Cronies Must Pay As Well

NSA's Corporate Cronies Must Pay As WellWe must not forget the crucial role that corporations play in helping the NSA.

Aside from the corporations forced to comply with the government’s information demands, we have businesses that assist them in operating. They are happy to do the NSA’s unconstitutional bidding in return for a little dirty cash. The NSA is more than happy to throw around its endless supply of printed debt-money to anyone willing to help, and plenty of disgraceful, unscrupulous corporations out there are willing to work with them. They need to be called out for this.

These corporations provide assistance in a variety of ways. One of the most important is providing the spy agency with electricity and other energy sources. While state and local government entities generally provide water, corporations typically provide the electricity.

Rocky Mountain Power supplies the gigantic Utah NSA hub. It is apparently more than happy to profit from the destruction of the Bill of Rights. Georgia Power supplies the NSA facility in that state, while Baltimore Gas and Electric supplies the Maryland facility. These are the compliant corporations stabbing every American in the back for a buck.

Sadly, they aren’t the only ones willing to sell out the American people to pad the bottom line. We have compiled a big list of corporations that are in bed with the NSA on, allowing you to be an informed consumer. You can choose to do business with these companies’ competitors.

In addition to boycotting these organizations, our Fourth Amendment Protection Act levies sanctions against corporations willing to help the NSA. It states that “any corporation or person that provides services to or on behalf of this state and violates the prohibitions of Section 2 of this act shall be forever ineligible to act on behalf of, or provide services to, this state or any political subdivision of this state.“

We have taken into account the negative role that corporations play in subverting the constitution and helping the NSA get away with its llegal behavior. Everyone who is involved in this heinous mess must be held accountable, not just the bureaucrats. If the corporations are not punished, they will line up to help the next overreaching federal agency on a power trip. When the corporations start seeing their bottom line affected adversely, they will relent their compliance with the NSA. We must work to make that happen.

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