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Occupy Eugene Joins OffNow Coalition

The OffNow coalition has a new coalition partner.

Occupy Eugene has joined the growing transpartisan effort to stop NSA spying though state and local activism.

According to its website Occupy Eugene is a “nonviolent, non-partisan, social-political movement for accountability and responsibility in government.”

A spokesperson for the movement emphasized the importance of standing together to stop the daily violation of privacy rights and basic civil liberties inherent in the NSA’s operation.

Occupy Eugene is urging other organizations to join us, and speak out against NSA mass surveillance. We are appealing to organizations from all parts of the political spectrum. We believe Edward Snowden to be a national hero and honor the awareness and public debate about government surveillance he has inspired. Just like him, we will not remain silent.

The OffNow coalition welcomes Occupy Eugene to the efforts and hopes other organizations will follow its lead.


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