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OffNow is Making Waves

Our plan to turn off the NSA’s resources has hit the mainstream!

It all started with some very favorable news coverage in the U.S. News. on Dec. 3. This article turned caught enough people’s attention that it eventually got to Matt Drudge who put our story at the top of his report. This set off a media firestorm that has gotten our idea out to potentially MILLIONS of people!

Here is the coverage we have seen thus far this week:

Anti-surveillance groups seek to use state laws to block NSA (UPI)

Activists Target Water Supply for NSA Data Center (Data Center Knowledge)

Could state law curtail NSA’s massive Utah data center? (FCW)

Cut Off The Water: Movement To ‘Nullify’ NSA Starts in Utah (Firedoglake)

NSA Opponents Want To Cut Off Utah Facility From Water Supply (Time)

Nullifiers Have A Plan To Stop The NSA: Turn Off Its Water Supply (Talking Points Memo)

States Can Stop NSA By Refusing Utilities? (Political Outcast)

Oops, we didn’t think of that! Utah may pull NSA plug by cutting water supply to facility (Catholic Online)

In addition to this, we have also been swamped with media requests for interviews. Tenth Amendment Center Communications Director Mike Maharrey has appeared on The Blaze TV, Infowars News, The Scott Horton Show, The Tom Woods Show and others already to promote the OffNow coalition! Our ideas are spreading like wildfire, and that gives us a much better chance to get our 4th Amendment Protection Act introduced in many state legislatures across the country during next year’s legislative season.

What has been especially refreshing about the media coverage is how even-handed it has been, even from mainstream media sources. It goes to show that the NSA’s illegal spying machine is so repugnant that resistance against it is accepted universally as being necessary. There is no more hostility toward the idea of people taking matters into their own hands to stop the NSA’s unconstitutional behavior.

We would like to thank all of these media outlets for taking interest in our ideas and being fair with their coverage. Hopefully that continues as we take the battle into state legislatures, town councils and county commissions throughout this great nation!

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