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Favorable Media Coverage From Mother Jones for the OffNow Coalition

One of the unique characteristics of the coalition we are working on here at OffNow is that we are bring people together within the hyper-polarized political sphere.

The latest example of our trans-partisan appeal is some rather favorable coverage from Mother Jones magazine. Here are a couple of the best parts:

Unlike the symbolic resolutions that oppose the NSA’s warrantless spying, which have passed the Pennsylvania House and the California Senate, few, if any, of the more consequential anti-NSA bills are likely to become law. But their existence underscores the depth of grassroots opposition to the agency’s dragnet surveillance programs, and the willingness of lawmakers from both parties to take a stand.

The idea of severing state ties with certain federal agencies isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem. Last year, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law that shields illegal immigrants arrested on suspicion of various crimes from being turned over to federal immigration authorities, and another law barring state cooperation with any effort by the feds to detain people indefinitely under the National Defense Authorization Act. Washington State and Colorado, of course, don’t cooperate with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s efforts to arrest and prosecute growers and users of recreational marijuana.

While the article demonstrates some pessimism about the success of our efforts, it does a very good job of affirming the viability of state and local level resistance.

People from all political walks of life are beginning to realize the necessity of pushing back against federal overreach before it’s too late! It is very exciting and bodes well for the future of our coalition. We might be the only political movement that can receive good coverage from World Net Daily and Mother Jones! It shows the power of the coalition to unite people behind the principles of freedom and civil liberties against the burgeoning surveillance state.

Join us to help us be successful in turning the NSA off now!

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