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Oklahoma Action Alert: Anti-NSA bill up for a vote and needs your help today

Oklahoma State Rep Lewis Moore introduced the Privacy Protection Act, HB2808, to help protect Oklahoma residents from unwarranted surveillance (learn about it here).

HB2808 was referred to the States Rights committee where it will need to pass by majority vote before likely being sent to the full house for approval.

YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED NOW.  Calls should be made over the weekend and holiday – so committee members know which way you want them to vote when they get back to work on Tuesday.  It doesn’t matter where in Oklahoma you live, take these actions today.

1. Contact the House Committee Chairman.  Politely THANK HIM for introducing HB2808. Let him know you support the bill and would like to see it move quickly to the full house for a vote.

Chairman: Lewis Moore (405) 557-7400 [email protected]

2. Contact all the other members of the House committee. Be strong but respectful.  Let each and every committee member know that you’d like to see a YES vote on HB2808.  Leave your name and your phone number as well – encouraging them to call you back.

Vice-Chair, Shean Roberts (405) 557-7322
Ed Cannaday 405-557-7375
Dan Fisher 405-557-7311
Kevin Matthews 405-557-7406
Mike Shelton 405-557-7367
Mike Christian 405-557-7371
Kay Floyd 405-557-7396
Jason Murphey 405-557-7350
Ken Walker 405-557-7359
Dale DeWitt 405-557-7332
Elise Hall 405-557-7403
Dustin Roberts 405-557-7366

3. Share this information widely. Get this action alert out to all your friends and contacts – by email, social media and more.

4. Attend the hearing.  Show your support by attending the hearing in person. If you are given a chance to speak in support of HB2808, be ready to share no more than 1-2 minutes of your thoughts. Express to the committee your view that this is a common-sense measure to ensure that Oklahoma does not help the federal government violate the 4th Amendment.

Tuesday, 02-18-14
State Capitol, Room 432A

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