Pennsylvania Action Steps

HB1757, the Freedom From Location Surveillance Act. If passed, the state would be banned from obtaining “current or future location information pertaining to a person” without a court order based on probable cause.

STATUS – 10-15-13, referred to House Judiciary Committee

Pennsylvania residents, take the following steps to support this legislation!

1. Call all the committee members. Strongly, but respectfully urge every member to vote YES on HB4331

Contact information here:

2. Email your state senator AND state rep. Respectfully urge them to introduce two additional bills:

4th Amendment Protection Action Act (bans resources to warrantless surveillance and obtaining warrantless info) HERE
Electronic Data Privacy Act (prohibits the state from obtaining information without a warrant) HERE

3. Share this information widely. Whether on social media – facebook, twitter, google plus – by email, or other methods, please pass this information along to as many people as possible.

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