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OffNow Coalition Against NSA Spying Grows Stronger

Revolution TruthFor Immediate Release: Nov. 5, 2013

Revolution Truth has thrown its support behind a coalition to stop NSA spying through state and local action.

Tangerine Bolen founded Revolution Truth as an initiative to “ensure access to accurate information citizens need in order to participate meaningfully in and to restore and preserve legitimate democratic governance.” The world-wide organization is “dedicated to defending WikiLeaks, whistle-blowers, and legitimate democracies.”

Bolen called the OffNow coalition to stop NSA spying an “exciting initiative” and said she was happy to back it. She stressed the importance of cooperation across the political aisle.

“We face an extraordinary assault on our civil liberties by a power we can never hope to match if we all work in silos. This is why it is ever more urgent that those of us fighting to restore our rights and liberties transcend our political boundaries. Together we are powerful, and together we WILL stop these abuses and force a sea change in the United States Government,” she said.

Tenth Amendment Center National communications director Mike Maharrey said he was thrilled to see Revolution Truth backing the OffNow coalition.

“Tangerine is absolutely right. We need to look past traditional political boundaries and work together. Overbearing governments thrive on division and infighting among the people. That keeps us focused on each other, and lets them go on expanding their power and trampling our rights. But when we work together, we hold the power, and we can place the government back into its proper bounds,” he said. “I’m thrilled that this fantastic organization is on board with the efforts to stop unconstitutional spying. Together, we can put the NSA back into its proper place.”


OffNow is a nonpartisan coalition of organizations, businesses and citizens dedicated to stopping unconstitutional NSA spying through action at the state and local level.

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