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Rosa Parks: Courage to Resist

Looking at the state of things in America, it is easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed. But we can look to Rosa Parks for inspiration and courage.

We can overcome injustice when individuals show the resolve to stand up for what is right, even when times are tough.

It was not easy for Rosa Parks to do what was right. Like NSA reformers, she was up against a repressive system of laws that were unfair and discriminatory – a system that had demeaned her and treated African Americans as second class citizens for generations. However, she was still able to muster the courage to say “NO!” to the unfair demands of her oppressors, and it ultimately made a world of difference.

Those at the helm of the surveillance-state want you to think that resistance is futile. They want you to think that there is no way one person can change the status quo. But in actuality, all it takes is one person. Rosa Parks was one woman. After her act of defiance on an Alabama bus in 1955, public attitudes began to change. It suddenly became more acceptable to take a stand against terrible, racist laws. It can work in a similar way with the NSA as well. We just need enough people to be ‘first responders’ to serve as the catalyst for building further resistance.

Remember, Edward Snowden is just one man.

He was able to reveal the secrets of the NSA to the world. He exposed its corruption and deceit pretty much single-handedly, and put the NSA’s unlawful behavior in the national limelight for over a year. He did more to promote the truth than anyone in a generation because he made the conscious decision to fight against a system that he knew to be oppressive. Snowden is a modern example of a catalyst whose heroic behavior is blazing the trail for further activism and reform.

Don’t buy into conventional wisdom. Don’t believe the lie. Stop telling yourself, “I can’t really make a difference.”

In truth, a single individual can spearhead massive difference. Rosa Parks is proof. Edward Snowden is proof. Martin Luther King Jr. is proof. Gandhi is proof.

Was it easy for any of these people to sacrifice their safety and security to stand for what was right? Of course not. But where would we be without them and others like them? We would have certainly not progressed to where we are today culturally and spiritually without their efforts.

On a slightly larger scale, a single state can also make a difference. One state simply refusing to cooperate with federal warrantless spying could spark a flame that grows into a fire.

That is why we have prepared a plan for you that makes it easier to organize effective resistance to NSA spying. We have state-level model legislation so you can enact reforms away from the hopelessly corrupt Washington D.C. establishment. This allows you to fight the NSA in your community, raise awareness of the problem, and unite people behind the Bill of Rights and against government abuses.

Victory against unlawful government spying can happen. It just takes people like you to have the initiative to get involved. Join us, and follow in Rosa Parks’ footsteps by saying ‘NO’ to unconscionable laws!

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