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There are three ways in which states can make life difficult for federal warrantless spying programs.  Track the status of such legislation by clicking on states in the map below.

TAB 1) Ban material support and resources for federal facilities.  This should be done in states whether they have active facilities or not. (read more here)
TAB 2) Ban the use of warrantless data in court.  Since the NSA shares such information with state and local law enforcement via SOD and Fusion centers, this would thwart some of the practical effect of the spying.  (read more here)
TAB 3) Ban obtaining cell phone tracking/location info without a warrant. The NSA is tracking millions of cell phone locations around the world. Since it shares information for use on a state and local level via SOD and fusion centers, banning the obtaining or use of such information on a state level can help mitigate the effects of federal spying.  (read more here)

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[tab title=”Data/Court”][mapsvg id=816][/tab]

[tab title=”Location Tracking”][mapsvg id=818][/tab]


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