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Telecom Giant attacks #NullifyNSA campaign in Arizona, wider effort next?

This week, Cox Communications began officially lobbying Arizona state senators to vote NO on SB1156, the Arizona 4th Amendment Protection Act. This bill would ban the state from providing any material support or assistance to federal agencies carrying out mass warrantless surveillance.

Cox Communications – and other powerful corporate interests – are not happy about a bill that could upset the status quo. They’ve tried to quietly lobby Arizona state senators to vote NO on a bill banning the state from helping the federal government violate the 4th Amendment.

Thanks to an insider, we have the documents and emails from Cox and others. But more importantly, the vote in Arizona is going to be very close and everyone there should take action to urge a YES on SB1156.

Please pass this action item to everyone you know – in and out of Arizona:

Cox isn’t alone.

Another corporate umbrella organization even said they’d oppose the bill if any references to business were removed from the bill (it currently bans businesses acting on behalf of the state from helping the NSA as well). In other words, even if there’s no regulation of business in the bill and only prohibitions on the actions of state and local government, these corporate lobbyists are still working to kill the bill, showing further that they’re lobbying to protect the NSA and the status quo.

As the old saying goes, you’re not catching flak if you’re not over the target.

When a corporation the size of Cox communications starts working against pro-4th Amendment legislation, you’re definitely over the target.

Make sure you contact your state legislators and respectfully pressure them to support the 4th Amendment.
Details here:

One thought on “Telecom Giant attacks #NullifyNSA campaign in Arizona, wider effort next?

  1. Communicate w/ Cox too. Let them know how you feel about them lobbying against US citizens. And WHY are they doing that? Aren’t they US citizens too?

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