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Think You’re Free from NSA Spying? Think Again!

Nobody is exempt from Big Brother’s peering eyes, as a leading computer security expert explains.

In his speech at the 2014 ITWeb Security Summit, Jacob Appelbaum describes the nature of ubitiquous surveillance, and it is worse than we think.

Appelbaum is a world renowned Internet freedom activist involved with the Tor Project to salvage privacy and anonymity for individuals in the digital age. He also co-wrote a book with Julian Assange of Wikileaks outlining many of the problems brought to light by the Edward Snowden revelations. That book was published a year before they officially broke to the public. He is an insider with extensive knowledge of the NSA and its impact upon civilization.

Appelbaum expresses a very bleak, pessimistic outlook. In his speech, he talks about how the NSA has compromised virtually the world’s computer networks. Its capacity to hack into these networks far surpasses the antiquated defense capacity of individuals, businesses and other governments. He says that the privacy of all Americans is definitely jeopardized, and nobody is safe from the NSA’s clutches.

According to Appelbaum, we are in the midst of a 100 year war to keep the surveillance state at bay, and we have to make up for lost ground. We are in a hole that can only be dug out of through vigilance. His solution calls for a revolution of the prolitariat to build a power structure with an NSA-style mechanism of its own that works on behalf of the people. He was not exactly clear on how this would work, only that it would restore the consistent application of the rule of law and give everyone significantly more online freedom.

While Appelbaum’s dedication and heroism is applauded by OffNow, we do not believe that the answer to excessive centralized power is more centralized power. What we need is decentralization, and we have the plan that can stop Big Brother dead in his tracks. We just need your help to make it happen. The situation is dire, but not hopeless. It is only hopeless if you refuse to act. Get in the game now, and help us make the NSA’s dreaded system a thing of the past before it is too late.

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