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Tom Woods and Ralph Nader Discuss Left-Right Cooperation at OffNow


Last week, Tom Woods interviewed Ralph Nader about left-right cooperation on his daily radio show and the OffNow campaign came up in the conversation.

Nader rose to prominence as a consumer advocate and political activist. He recently released a book titled Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State. Woods focused the discussion on the power of cooperation between the left and the right on issues where the two sides can find agreement.

“I am very ecumenical in the sense that I want to work with people who agree with me on really really important things,” Woods said.

About half way through the interview, Woods brought up OffNow’s efforts to stop NSA spying as a perfect example of cooperation across traditional party lines.

Another nice coalition that’s forming around the NSA, and I’m happy to see, among left and right,” Woods said, going on to explain the strategy of shutting off water and other resources to the NSA at the state and local level.

“We can’t control Washington D.C. right now, but we can do things at the local level, and you’ve got people all over the spectrum working together,” Woods said.

Nader agreed, saying cooperation leads to success.

“Once you have a left-right tidal wave heading for Washington from around the country, the politicians run for cover.”

That’s the goal of the OffNow campaign: to work with like-minded people across the political spectrum and create a tidal wave that will obliterate illegal spying.

OffNow has enjoyed a great deal of success in joining individuals and organizations that normally don’t play in the same sandbox. From Tea Party groups to Greenpeace, people with vastly divergent viewpoints have come together agreeing that warrantless spying must stop and then working together to make that happen. We even cracked party lines in several state legislatures with Republicans and Democrats cosponsoring the Fourth Amendment Protection Act.

The political class in Washington D.C. wants to keep us divided and fighting among ourselves. That way, it can continue its bipartisan attack on our civil liberties without any interference. It’s time Americans realize that an out of control, unaccountable power-hungry federal government presents a true threat, come together and create that tidal wave.

Get involved with the OffNow campaign through the links below.


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