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Trouble in Paradise: D.C. Eats Its Own in Midst of NSA Spying Revelations

thankyouedsnowden-activistsThere is no honor among thieves.

Ever since Edward Snowden’s leaks hit the public courtesy of journalist Glenn Greenwald, the National Security State has been in disarray. With the media spotlight revealing them as nothing more than charlatans and buffoons, they have now taken aim at each other in a desperate panic to deny blame in the midst of all the fall-out.

“This is a pretty serious embarrassment for the U.S., and as top officials try to protect their agencies and their reputations, they are not sticking with their talking points,” a former senior U.S. official told Foreign Policy Magazine’s The Cable.

A pretty serious embarrassment, indeed!

It has now become almost impossible to deny the fact that the federal government, once widely believed to be the glorious protector safety and security, is little more than a scheming, conniving, bumbling gang of criminals, creating one disastrous international incident after another. In their fleeting attempt to save face, all they can do is become even more petty and incompetent. Instead of owning up to their faults and actually correcting the systemic abuses, they choose to cannibalize each other instead.

The blame game is in full-effect with the State Department predictably denying all prior knowledge of the NSA’s snooping on allied heads of state in democratic countries like Brazil and Germany. Isn’t it amazing how Obama and his minions are always completely unaware of what is going on within their own regime? Meanwhile, NSA Director Keith Alexander says his agency does its spying at the request of ambassadors in the State Department.

Uh oh!

As usual when it comes to the government (especially at the federal level), someone is not telling the truth.

The more revelations come out, the more we see chinks in the armor of the monolithic state. Instead of worrying about keeping its prestige and power intact, these squabbling bureaucrats are worried about saving their own behinds. That is why you see a widening chasm between the NSA and State Department. Obama wants to throw them under the bus to avoid responsibility for yet another huge scandal blemishing his record. The NSA is already taking enough heat in lieu of Snowden’s remarkable whistle-blowing efforts, and it wants Obama to carry water for them as they rapidly hemorrhage credibility and popularity. Something has got to give, and what is giving is the government’s continuity and cohesion.

When government officials are butting heads with each other, that gives them less time to destroy our liberties. Anything that ties these federal thugs up and keeps them from laying waste to our rights is something to celebrate. As more information is released by Glenn Greenwald, this atmosphere of treachery will only get worse in D.C. With so much corruption, and so many people caught red handed, there will be a whole lot of bureaucrats looking to pass the buck. Unfortunately for them, the public is not nearly as frightened of the terrorist bogeyman as it once was. People are more afraid of the real enemy to their liberties and freedoms: their own government, not a shadowy, xenophobic depiction a foreign enemy thousands of miles away.

The feds are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They are not completely sure of the information that Snowden has, and they do not want to give away the details of their illegal spying operation up preemptively. As was admitted by former State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley to The Cable who said, “There’s a drip, drip, drip that makes categorical statements in response to the latest news report risky. At what point do you have a sense that you know what you’re dealing with so you can start to repair and rebuild? From a diplomatic standpoint, you can only start those repairs when the shovel stops digging a deeper hole.”

The NSA, and all of the other corrupt agencies in Washington, do not know how deep this hole goes. They do not know how much dirt Snowden has on them, and they have to play the defensive. This is not a role that the largest, most powerful government in the history of the world is accustomed to being in. For once, they do not hold the cards, and they have completely lost control of the situation. They are now subject to public scrutiny unlike ever before, as their dirty laundry is aired to everyone in the world. The more it stinks, the more you’re going to see these bureaucrats turn on each other. There is simply nobody else to blame but themselves. They’ve made their beds, and now they’re going to have to lie in them.

This creates an opportunity for us!

As activists, we must make things as rough on the crooks as we possibly can now that they’ve been knocked down a peg or two. We must use this recent trend of embarrassing, disgraceful behavior coming from the NSA to our advantage by rallying people together behind the right ideas in opposition to them. That is exactly what we’re doing with our coalition at featuring our 4th Amendment Protection Act. With this legislation, we cut off the NSA from using our resources, making it practically impossible for them to spy on us illegally! Big Brother is more vulnerable than ever against this method of local and state resistance that our coalition promotes.

Join us today to make a difference for freedom in your community.

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