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Utah Bill to Turn off Water to NSA Making Progress, Hitting Mainstream News!

A report on the Utah water/NSA bill hearing yesterday hit the Associated Press today has been going viral online, hitting Drudge Report, ABC News, and elsewhere:

Spread the word – and let’s build on the momentum. The People of Utah – and all the surrounding states – can make a difference where USA Freedom Act Failed.

Also, reports in Washington Times and AP repeat the mantra.

1. This will work: “Cutting off access to its water supply — and electricity — would basically shut down its operations.”

Read more:

2. This action CAN be done, as Nevada did it to the feds and the DOE:

“The state of Nevada shut off water to the site of the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas in 2002, after months of threats.”

Other reports hit Washington Post, ARS Technica, BoingBoing, and others

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