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Utah Governor Wants To Support NSA Because “Somebody Will Do It.” We Can Stop Them All

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert thinks his state should continue helping the NSA violate your privacy rights.

According to a Washington Post report, Herbert said Tuesday he would not support the Fourth Amendment Protection Act, a proposed bill introduced last year by Rep. Marc Roberts that would set the stage to turn off the water to the NSA data center in Bluffdale

“If it’s not stored in Utah, it’ll be stored somewhere else,” Herbert said.

In other words, somebody will help the NSA violate your rights. Might as well be us!

Public records indicate the massive data center uses 2 to 4 million gallons of water each month, and it will reportedly suck up to 1.7 million gallons per day when fully operational. The city of Bluffdale supplies that water after negotiating a sweetheart deal with the spy agency. But if the Fourth Amendment Protection Act passes, it will prohibit the state from providing material support to the NSA as long as it continues to violate the Constitution. That means the city would ultimately have to turn off the water.

Herbert said he believes the state should “continue to honor” its agreement with the spy agency. But Connor Boyack of the Utah based Libertas Institute said, the NSA assured the governor it would operate “observing strict guidelines to preserve civil liberties” and only “appropriate activity will be conducted, according to constitutional law.”

“We now know that this reassurance was a complete fabrication,” Boyack said. “We therefore question any need to abide by any agreement that has been violated by the other party.”

And it certainly isn’t a given that the NSA will just pick up and move someplace else. In fact, that will become quite impossible if other states support Utah and pass similar bills. The NSA will have no place else to go.

Legislators in six states have already committed to introduce the Fourth Amendment Protection Act, and OffNow expects other states to join Arizona, Vermont, Montana, Missouri, Maine and Washington in considering the legislation.

“Every state that passes this bill hems in the NSA a little bit more. Imagine if all 50 states simply refused to support illegal spying? It would come to a screeching halt,” OffNow executive director Mike Maharrey said. “Let’s get the Fourth Amendment Protection Act passed in as many states as possible and make it impossible for the NSA to move. Then we’ll let Gov. Herbert try to explain why he’s willing to help violate your rights.”

You can play a major role in stopping NSA spying by simply making a couple of phone calls. Talk to your state representative and senator and ask them politely but firmly to introduce the Fourth Amendment Protection Act and protect privacy in your state.

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