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Voiceprints Give Snoopers a New Way to Profile You

Everyday, the words of George Orwell seem more like prophecy than fiction.

Most recently, we have news of emerging technology that keeps track of human voices as if they were fingerprints.

Voiceprints, or voice biometrics, are already being harvested the world over by governments and private interests alike.

Business entities see dollar signs all over this new technology, and seem unconcerned about the privacy concerns posed by it. An ABC News report elaborates.

Those companies have helped enter more than 65 million voiceprints into corporate and government databases, according to Associated Press interviews with dozens of industry representatives and records requests in the United States, Europe and elsewhere…

Dan Miller, an analyst with Opus Research in San Francisco, estimates that the industry’s revenue will roughly double from just under $400 million last year to between $730 million and $900 million next year.

This is more bad news for anyone that cares about anonymity. It seems as if there is no facet of life that off limits to Big Brother these days. If it isn’t the NSA and other government spy agencies working to destroy your privacy rights there are a whole host of corporations willing to do it for profit.

The digital age leaves the average person more vulnerable than ever, and rapidly evolving technological advancement comes with a hefty price tag. While we may have incredibly sophisticated gadgets that amuse us and make life easier in many ways, this same progress puts us at risk like never before. The governments of the world and unscrupulous private interests seem intent on marching us forward to a full-blown surveillance state.

When corporate and government interests come together, the result can be a devastating death blow to our privacy rights. Private organizations often assist and work hand-in-hand with agencies like the NSA to violate your rights. They willingly sell technology that spy agencies use to violate your rights, and sometimes work directly with the surveillance.

They value their bottom line more than your rights.

The C.H.O.I.C.E. Act can stop this dangerous collusion between corporations and agencies engaging in unwarranted spying. By prohibiting NSA collaborators from cashing in on grant money or any contracts from the state, you can hit them where it hurts by cutting off a key revenue source. Only by making it less financially advantageous for private interests to work with the NSA can we begin to cut off its stranglehold on our information. The CHOICE Act legislation is the first step. Consumer boycotts and other measures of backlash can be effective as well.

We must never stop fighting against the NSA. The technology never stops, and neither must we. Whatever new innovation that comes next will certainly be seized upon by governments and other entities to put our rights in jeopardy. That is why we must be proactive and work where we can have success, away from the Washington D.C. establishment that only wants to preserve the status quo. Join us at the state level, and stop the NSA from getting what it needs to bury our freedoms for good.

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